Far Cry Primal

I finally for the chance to plat Far Cry Primal a couple of days ago and I have barely stopped playing it since.  It has become my new favourite game of all time!  (Except maybe Skyrim, that game is amazing).


Far Cry Primal is the latest installment in the Far Cry series.  Unlike the rest of the games, which are usually set on deserted islands with horrible (and usually crazy) people hunting . you down, this game is set in 10,000 BCE.  That’s right, you play as a caveman.  You are surrounded by Sabertooth Tigers, Woolly Mammoths and Bears, to name a few of the animals you will come across.  As it is still a Far Cry game there are, of course, a few crazy people for you to fight off as well.

You play as part of the Wenja tribe, who had traveled to a new wonderful place known as Oros.  They thrived there for a while until the arrival of two other tribes, the Udam and the Izila, who defeated most of the Wenja and sent the rest scattering across the land.  You must help your tribe to build a new home and defeat these rivals tribes to ensure the safety and survival of the Wenja.


This games is truly open world which I always enjoy.  You are not at all forced to follow the main story line and can choose which quests you would like to do.  One of my favourite things in games these days is base building.  As part of this game to help grow your tribe and your home, I find this very enjoyable.  You must complete quests to gain more villagers and improve their way of life.  A few of the villagers that you must save are particularly useful and unlock certain skills and crafting items.  They also have their own huts in the village which must be upgraded to allow greater for better skills and equipment.

My favourite thing about this game is the ability to tame animals and use them for your own purposes.  The first animal you train is an owl which you actually take control of and can view the land surrounding you.  This allows you to tag enemies ahead, send your other tamed animals in to fight and even attack them with your owl.  You are then able to train most of the predators that you come across in the wild.  My favourite pet to look at was the Snowy Lion, although I currently use my Sabertooth Tiger more than any other as it has the highest level of skills.


I have definitely been enjoying this game but only whilst writing this post have I learnt that many people did not enjoy this game as much as I have.  This could be because I haven’t played many Far Cry games in the past and had nothing to compare it to.  It could also be that I enjoy open world games and completing everything I can rather than just the main story line.  Whatever the reason, I am loving this game.


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