Just like a large number of people around the world (especially American’s who have the easiest access to new TV shows) I have been watching Westworld.  And just like most of you, I have been loving it.  For those of you who don’t know, the show is based on the 1973 movie of the same name.  It is about a futuristic, western themed park called Westworld.  The rich pay large amounts of money to come to the theme park and be fully immersed in the American Wild West.  The main draw of the theme park?  All of the employees within the park (or hosts) are robots!  This means that the guests are able to do whatever they want to them without repercussions and the hosts are unable to hurt them.


If Firefly is called a Sci-Fi Western, then Westworld should be known as a Western Sci-Fi.  Where Firefly is set in space with a bit of the Wild West thrown in, Westworld is set in the Western world with sci-fi thrown in.  I’m not saying that the sci-fi part of the show is small.  The fact that the hosts are all robots plays a large part of the story line of the show, but the world itself is western.  With the creation of Westworld, Sci-Fi Western could be my new favourite genre combination.

The show follows the stories of the guests, the hosts and the human employees that take care of the park.  Some of the hosts are becoming aware of the fact that their world may not be real.  Dolores, one of the hosts, is beginning to feel that her life is a lie and realizes a few things in their world that the hosts are not supposed to realize.  Maeve begins to suspect that something is not right and eventually learns the truth.  Towards the end of the season she is completely aware of what her world truly is and makes frequent visits to the park management facility and learns more with the help of a young tech.

The majority of the guests take full advantage of the lack of repercussions and simply go around the world raping and murdering the hosts.  One of the guests, William, is not so keen on the idea of the park.  His friend who brought him to the park insists on his involvement but he is reluctant to take part.  The pair go on one of the quests available in the park where they meet Dolores.  He begins to fall for Dolores (even though he is engaged in the real world) and decides to take her on their adventure with them.  The Man in Black (Ed Harris) is searching for the secret layer of the park.  The believes that there is more to the game and that he is missing the best part and must find it.


There is plenty of politics going on as part of the management of the park.  The man who started the park hasn’t had much to do with the park’s management in recent times but has suddenly decided to create an entirely new story line and rebuild half the park in the process.  The board and other park managers are not happy about this decision and are trying to force him to retire.


HBO is currently one of my favourite channels.  Almost every show that they create, I love.  My least favourite thing about HBO is that most of its season are only around ten episodes long.  I am then forced to wait another year before the next series starts.  As the first season of Westworld draws to a close, I am not looking forward to that year of waiting until the next season.


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