Ryan Gosling is Amazing!

Last week I went to see La La Land.  I didn’t love it as much as some others have but I did enjoy it.  It had a very old school Hollywood musical feel to it.  There were people freezing in place, dancing on cars and dancing done empty streets.  The songs also had an old school feel to them, this is probably partly to do with the us on jazz music.  The costumes also felt predominantly vintage.

One thing I noticed while watching the movie was that most of the shots of Ryan Goslings character, Sebastian, playing piano showed both his face and his hands.  This made me wonder if Ryan Gosling was actually playing the piano.  After some research I discovered that every shot in the movie of Sebastian playing piano was performed by Gosling himself.  The more amazing thing that I discovered was that he learnt how to play everything in only 3 months!


Unfortunately I couldn’t find a good clip of Gosling actually playing the piano but the following is a feature on the music from the movie and features some of his piano skills as well as hearing more about the music in the movie.


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