The Last Jedi

The title of the next installment in the Star Wars series has been announced.  Episode VIII will be titled ‘The Last Jedi’.  Is this title referring to Luke Skywalker as the last Jedi?  Or will Rey become the last Jedi?  Will that possibility require the death of Luke?  There will probably be much speculation over the meaning of this title but no one will know for sure until the movie is released.

I really enjoyed The Force Awakens and was very excited by the unexpected reboot of the series.  As much as I enjoyed it, the story line was not very original.  It felt very similar to Episode IV in the original trilogy, and although I liked the twist Kylo Ren was Han and Leia’s son it was somewhat predictable.  Despite all of this it was a great movie.  I’m hoping that the reason for the lack of creative story line was so that the reboot would be immediately successful and allow for more movies with greater creativity.

Fortunately, Carrie Fisher had already finished filming for the movie before her death late last year.  It does, of course, mean that she will not be appearing in Episode IX.  The question is whether they will work her death or disappearance into Episode VIII or Episode IX.  The Last Jedi is set to be released on December 15th this year.



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