Peter Capaldi’s Final Season

Peter Capaldi first appeared in an episode of Doctor Who in 2008, an episode that also included the first appearance of Karen Gillan, although neither actors were in the roles that they are best known for.  Peter Capaldi first appeared as The Doctor in the 50th anniversary special in 2013 before starring in season 8 and 9.  He has announced that the 10th season, set to air this year, will be his last.  He has played an interesting version of The Doctor, and probably my least favourite since the revival of the show in 2005.  The end of a doctor is always a combination of fear, sadness and intrigue.  I am looking forward to seeing who becomes the next doctor, but it is always sad to say goodbye.  There has been some speculation as to whether the next doctor will be male or female.  This will also be show runner Steven Moffat’s last year on Doctor Who.  He will be replaced by Chris Chibnall who has already written six episodes for the show and worked extensively on Torchwood.  Season 11 could be very interesting with a new doctor and a new writer, anything could happen.


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