Let me start by saying I have never liked turn-based strategy games.  I’ve never liked the premise much and they never really made sense to me.  In real life, the enemy doesn’t wait for you to finish your turn before taking there’s.  So when I received XCOM 2 in this month’s Humble Bundle Monthly, I wasn’t too excited.  It then took a really long time to download, nearly 3 days, thanks to my slow internet.  But once I started playing it, I instantly loved it.

So far I am really enjoying the story line.  I always like being part of a resistance fighting to overthrow a ruling faction that is creating a dystopian world.  This game is very story line heavy with plenty of cut scenes.  It’s also rather spontaneous with lots of events and attacks showing up, often when you don’t want them to.

XCOM 2 Combat.jpg

Whilst I am really enjoying the game, it can also be incredibly frustrating.  I keep loosing soldiers and having to start from scratch again with Rookies which have very limited abilities and usually cost money to hire.  I get annoyed when my team gets spotted before I’m ready with a proper ambush and there was no indication that they were going to be spotted.  My team also seems to miss a lot of shots, especially when I can’t afford for them to miss.

Since I don’t usually like turn-based games, I’m not used to the style of strategy that is required to do well in this game.  I think I’m starting to get the hang of it though.  I’m still not as good as I would like to be (and no where near as good as I need to be) but if I keep enjoying it as much as I am now, I’m sure I’ll get there eventually.


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