Fallout 4 (Finally)

After over a year of wishing I could afford to buy Fallout 4, I finally found it on sale for $36 and instantly bought it.  My internet decided that day was the perfect time to go as slowly as possible for a couple of days, meaning that it literally took 2 and a half days to download the game.  The wait was incredibly painful.

Finally, the download finished and I got the chance to play Fallout 4!  My first problem with the game is that I suck at it.  I have never been great at games with guns.  Give me a bow or a sword and I can perform at an acceptable level, but for some reason, I can’t do guns.  I always run out of bullets and get really frustrated.  So far, I haven’t really found any effective melee weapons either so when I run out of bullets, I die.

I’m still getting used to Fallout.  I haven’t quite worked out the SPECIAL system yet, I never know what upgrades I want.  Stealth never seems to work for me.  Every time I try to complete most of my current quests I die.  I feel a bit stuck at the moment.  I get annoyed at the health system, being required to both reduce radiation and heal to reach maximum health.

Having said all that, it is a great game.  I love the landscapes and am intrigued by the storyline.  The Vats system is fun to use (although I keep forgetting to use it) and makes long distance shots easier.  It’s also useful when in a fast paced fight to give you the chance to slow down time and plan your next move.  Bethesda always makes great games, and although I am really enjoying Fallout, Skyrim is still my favourite.


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